Dry Skin

  • dry skin patches on face picture

Dry Skin Patches on Face, Causes, Not Itchy, Baby, Dark, White, Red, Round, Scaly, Moisturizer, Get Rid

The skin on the face is very sensitive. Having dry skin patches on face is a common phenomenon among people of all ages. Get more insight [...]

  • dry skin on legs picture

Dry Skin on Legs, Causes, Symptoms, Thighs, Patches, Extremely, Wrinkled, Scales, Snakeskin, Cream, Get Rid

The medical term for dry skin on legs is known as xerosis cutis or asteatosis. What causes dry skin on legs? Get more insight on symptoms, [...]


  • how to get rid of oily hair

How to get Rid of Oily Hair Fast: Greasy, without Washing it, Dry Shampoo, Conditioner

Hair becomes oily as a result of excess secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands of the scalp. some of this secretion is normal and should happen [...]

  • upper lip hair removal

How to Remove Upper Lip Hair, Overnight Naturally, With Honey at Home Immediately, Get Rid, Permanent Cream

Thinking of your upper lip hair removal? Get Insights on the best way to do it naturally, immediately at home, with honey among other methods such [...]

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  • pimple on vagina

Pimple on Vag, after Shaving, Private Parts Female, Male, Yeast, infection, Get Rid, Treatment

Are you worried of pimples, blisters, sores, lumps and bumps that form around or inside your vagina? [...]

How to Get Rid Of Pimples in One Day, Forehead, Naturally, Marks, Oily Skin

Are pimples robbing your face? What causes pimples? Get more insight on how to get rid of [...]

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How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair, Public, Cessation of Shaving, Deep Removal, Prevent, Tool, Cream

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Are you worried on how to deal with an ingrown hair cyst? Find more insight in this article including the best topical creams for treatment of [...]

  • red spots on skin

Red Spots on Skin not Itchy, Tiny, Small, Flat, Pictures, How to Get Rid

Red spots on your skin may develop due to many possible reasons. Some of the red spots [...]

  • red dots on penis

Red Spots on Penis, Shaft, Glans, Itchy, Causes, STD, How to get Rid, Pictures

Red spots on the penis sometimes is a worse experience, it may lower one’s self esteem and [...]